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reversing aging.

Wellness on the Move: Rolfing can reverse ageing

Thursday, 16 April 2015
Su Tindall from Wellness on the Move, right, works on a patient.
Su Tindall from Wellness on the Move, right, works on a patient.
You’re probably too familiar with the obvious effects of gravity, which cause the stiffness and tightness we call ageing.
This stiffness is actually caused by lack of good quality movement. So you start to exercise.
The problem with taking on more movement to ease your stiffness is that you don’t really recognise the places where you are stuck.
So you will move around those restricted places rather than through them.
Often restrictions are from an old injury that has healed, but is not fully efficient.
Years later, your movement patterns still reflect the result of a relatively minor injury.
This is because the first thing your body and mind does after an injury is to find a way to move that doesn’t hurt.
People frequently say, “I hurt my knee three days ago, but it’s okay now.”
Things don’t heal in three days – it just took your body and mind three days to learn how to walk in a way that didn’t hurt.
The new way of walking is usually less balanced than the old, to spare the injured knee stress. 
The knee then heals at its own pace, out of your awareness.
The new walking pattern has been developed subconsciously, to keep pain out of your focus.
Unfortunately, it is not automatically changed back after the knee heals. The unbalanced pattern becomes your new pattern.
But we don’t have to accept this – frequently Rolfing can reverse these effects and help you feel younger again.
Developed around 50 years ago by American biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing is a holistic medical treatment for soft tissue manipulation in which changes in body posture and body structure can both be achieved by manipulating the myofascial system.
Mt Samson health practitioner Su Tindall from Wellness on the Move is a local expert in Rolfing.

She is also highly experienced and fully qualified in offering remedial massage services, Chi Ball instruction and facial fitness training.

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