Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Rolfing Comes to Chestertown

Audrey Goldberg, a certified Rolfing® practitioner, has opened offices in Chestertown and Annapolis where she will specialize in the soft-tissue bodywork that balances and realigns the body by releasing tension and strain. A practice in Easton will open soon.
Rolfing was developed more than 50 years ago by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who designed the hands-on procedure after recognizing that the body is more at ease and functions best when its structure is balanced in gravity. Audrey Goldberg is a graduate of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colo.
A graduate of Prescott College in Arizona where she majored in outdoor experiential education, Goldberg most recently lived in California and Colorado where – in addition to Rolfing – she ski-patrolled in the Sierra Nevada and led river, backpacking, and canoeing and yoga trips for the Women’s Wilderness Institute.
“When I was a ski patroller my first season, I injured my lower back. It healed, but not fully. It felt weak and vulnerable,” said Goldberg, who saw improvement after a series of Rolfing sessions. “I found my back was healing, which was great. And along with my body healing, I could stand up straighter, I felt more confident in the world. And I really felt called to study Rolfing to help others experience healing.”
Dr. Rolf once joked that the limber Fred Astaire was the only person who couldn’t benefit from Rolfing. As Goldberg explains it: “Everyone, as soon as we start moving, creates patterns of movement. They’re not always going to be efficient, especially when we do repetitive motions.” Rolfing, she adds, is suited for athletes, people who have back pain, and patients both pre- and post-surgery. “It can also help bring physical and spiritual alignment,” Goldberg says. “It’s all about creating more balance in mind, body and spirit.”
To learn more about Rolfing, contact the Rolf Institute at www.rolf.org. To reach Goldberg, email audreygillian@gmail.com or call 410-446-3251.