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Bartonsville woman eschews pills for hands-on therapy
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The hypnosis room at Healing Arts Center in Tannersville on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.Keith R. Stevenson/Pocono Record
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When Vickie Kovar of Bartonsville got news that she had an inoperable malignant brain tumor in 1990, she sought all types of healing methods.
About a year after treatments and switching to a macrobiotic diet, the tumor was gone. When Kovar began the healing process, she was told about an alternative therapy that could help her continue to heal called Rolfing. It was that therapy that led Kovar to her career.
"After I started to heal and felt strong enough, my brother who is a neurologist told me about Rolfing. He's very holistic," she said. "I went to school for Rolfing for two years in Boulder, Colo., and stayed there 15 years. I moved back here in 2007 and worked in Wellsprings in East Stroudsburg, and then opened my own place in 2012."
Healing Arts Center in Tannersville has built up a regular clientele since opening less than a year ago. The center offers Rolfing, Reiki, quantum healing, angel touch therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and chiropractic services. Kovar hopes to add on a few additional holistic services in the future.
For many people, Rolfing is a totally new concept.
"Rolfing is hard to explain," said Kovar. "It's great for people in any kind of muscular skeletal pain."
Rolfing works with the fasciae system in the body. Fasciae wraps around each muscle in the body, and its function is to help the muscles move over other muscles. Rolfing works on the fasciae to help free movement in the body.
Diane Pryor of Effort has been a client of Kovar's since November. A problem she noticed worsening brought her to the center to try Rolfing.
"I noticed that my scoliosis was getting worse, so I decided to see Vickie. We had 10 sessions and it's amazing the different she made," Pryor said. "My shoulders are level and my rib cages are almost completely symmetrical. It's nothing short of miraculous."
Pryor is a massage therapist, and said while massage can help many issues, Rolfing can help as well in others.
"I think there are so many people who don't know what Rolfing is," she said. "Anybody who has an ongoing problem will probably see results."
"What we do is energy healing with an angelic touch," said Jude Goode, who works at the center doing energy healing alongside two or three other energy healers. "Energy healing is a universal energy, a healing living energy. The sessions are gentle and noninvasive with light touch hands on. It reduces stress, promotes deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, increases vitality, balances the harmony system and accelerates healing abilities. We are a nondenominational group who honors everyone's journey."
The center is open seven days a week, and is located at 2937 Route 611 Suite 10 in Merchants Plaza in Tannersville. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 570-332-4365.

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